The solution to the problem of key sharing when managing short term apartmentsand not only that…



The solution to increase security and privacy for your home tenants with noKeys


Receptionless Hotels

The solution for small hotels that have no reception but only apartments…



The noKeys platform offers the property manager the ability to remotely manage it through the cloud as a service (Software as a Service, SaaS). This will save time on unnecessary travel and allow real estate to be used, which would otherwise be unnecessary.

No Keys
and Applications

The solution is designed primarily to simplify access to short-term rentals without the use of keys and without the need for applications on the part of the visitors. In this way, nokeys allows access to the property, which it manages, to all guests regardless of their state of the art.


Without sharing keys to guests and workshops the noKeys system promotes the security of rented accommodation. Through the management application, the manager can give ad hoc, and not only, access to cleaning and repair workshops but also to visitors to the property he manages.

Safety in
energy use

The noKeys platform can be combined with an RFID power management system. This will promote the protection of both the home and its visitors. For the case of villas instead of the RFID card system, shape sensors can be used to increase the protection of the property in relation to energy.

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