Common troubleshooting

Q: How do i install the sensors

A: The sensors will be installed the day that you will set with us for the entire installation. Keep in touch so we know when and give us your address to know where.

Q: Why i cant connect to the cloud

A: If there is any problem with your Cloud connection please contact the support team so that we know exactly what’s wrong and fix the problem quickly.

Q: How and when will the installation take part

A: The installations of any of our services will take part in your area ofcourse and we will determine by a email or a phone call when it will happen.

Q: Where can i find the management application

A: For anybody to get a hold on the manager app they need to have access to our portal, only then they can download the application and start setting up.

Q: What happens if i lose my keycard

A: In the situation that you lose your keycard you can always get a new one by the administrator or if you are the manager by us via contacting us.

Q: What is the point of having the keypad

A: The keypad can only be activated by the keycard or a direct phone call from the key number,and only then it can be used to press the unique pin that you are given.Without it the door simply won’t open.

Q: I havent recieved any messages with the contact number what can i do

A: The code usually are send the moment that either you or your manager registers that your number is being used as the key.While the system will send you a message with your unique key code.

Q: The router deosn't seem to be connecting to the internet

A: We recommend that u restart the router as a first option because usually the problem lies there.If that doesn’t fix it contacting the support team is your next best bet.

Q: The apartment Main Entrance doesn't seem to be working properly

A: This is a peculiar problem that not a lot of people have we advise you to contact us directly because most of the time the installation wasn’t done correctly

Q: I forgot my code how can i reset it

A: You can always change or reset your code as long as you still have access to either your manager app or your manager phonenumber.

Hardware and Software Questions

Q: The Manager app is a bit buggy for me any solutions ?

A: Please check if you use the latest version of our app otherwise uninstall the app and reinstall it, in most cases that will fix the problem.

Q: How long does it usually take for the sensors to be up and running

A: The sensors need to be atleast up and running one full day so that they can be set properly.

Q: How can i change my phonenuber but still keep it as a key

A: That can only be done by the manager and if it is you simply restate the number being used as a key with the new one. A message will be send to the new number validating it as a key

Q: The app deosn't seem to be dowloading where else can i find it

A: That might be a problem on your end please contact your internet service, otherwise youo can download it via this link

Q: Can i set timezones of when the sensors can start detecting any kind of movement

A: You can always set the time, day and months in the manager app if you please to do so. Note that if the sensors are set to detect any kind of movement anyone can trigger the alarm so use with caution.

Q: What's IOT device and how do i use it

A: IOT (otherwise Internet Of Thing) is being connected to your main entrance doorbell and through there is being use as a signal to open that door.

Q: As the manager i cant seem to be able to change each apartments numbers

A: Changing apartment numbers is easly done by the app, simply press which apartment you wish to change and dial the new number.Be wary that a message is going to be sent to the last number but also the new one letting the user know whas happening.

Q: Some clients are not able to open the main entrance but only their apartment door

A: This must be a malfunction og the specific setup you are using please read the instarctions and proceed with a new fresh installation. If you don’t seem to be getting anywhere please contact the support.

Q: The new version of the app deleted all the stored data of my apartments what do i do?

A: The cloud keeps your data and setting safe as its always backing up your changes. All you need to do is take the setting from the cloud and inportthem to your new version of the app.

Q: Sometimes i lose connection with server and i am not able to operate anything any help?

A: That is entirely on your end , please either contact your internet service or check the connections to the router itself that everything is in place.

This are Frequent questions by others if your question is not listed here please contact the support team. We are open for question all day

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