How Does it work?

How Does it work?

The Nokeys controller is installed on the property and has the following connections:

  • With the partition router to communicate with the cloud application
  • With the keypad on the door of the apartment
  • With the electric lock on the door of the apartment
  • With the lock on the entrance of the apartment building, through IoT in each apartment.
  • Nothing is installed in the common areas of the apartment building.

How does the visitor enter the apartment?

  • At the entrance of the building he makes an unanswered call from his cellphone to a predetermined number that is sent with a message before his arrival and the noKeys system opens the door
  • At the entrance of the apartment, he or she enters the number of his or her mobile phone or whatever number the manager selects on the numeric keypad next to the apartment door and noKeys opens the door

How is the property managed through the application?

  • The noKeys controller for each compartment communicates with the cloud application via the Internet. It informs him about the number that corresponds to each visitor and is defined as his key.
  • The administrator enters into the application the name of the visitor of each apartment along with his mobile phone number and the period for which the apartment was leased.
  • The application informs the controller of the phone number that will function as the key of the compartment before the lease commences, and upon expiry the number ceases to be the key.

In a similar way to that of visitors and the mobility of cleaning and repair workshops become keys to the apartment. In this case the number works as a key for a limited time and some days, depending on the cleaning or repair program.


The main features of the application are the following:

  • It gives a brief overview to the administrator of all the partitions managed through the platform. The information includes current and future bookings, the number of guests staying at the current date in each apartment, and can briefly tell about the number of apartments the administrator has connected to the platform and the history of their bookings.
  • With the booking schedule, the manager can have a brief overview of all bookings for their apartments, both in terms of start and end times, as well as who has booked and how many people will stay in each apartment.
  • Allows the administrator to control each apartment individually and to be able to complete bookings manually and (future) automatically. This way it can control whether it is possible to make a reservation without coinciding with one that has been made earlier.
  • Allows the administrator to view the booking history of each apartment.
  • Allows the administrator to add more than one guest to an apartment so that all their mobiles can be used as keys to the apartment and the apartment building.
  • Allows the administrator to add more than one guest to an apartment, allowing everyone with their mobile phones to enter the apartment and apartment building.
  • Allows the administrator to set keys for cleaning and repairing their mobile phones. These will apply for specific hours and days so that they will not be able to enter the apartment on hours and days other than those designated.
  • Through the cloud application, the administrator can be informed of the hours and days of the workshops’ entry into the apartments, thus knowing in each case the start and end times of the work they have undertaken.